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What is Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a practice where you can hire skilled resources to your in-house team on a short term or long term basis to achieve the best result for your company.

What is Outsourced Product development?

Outsourced product development is a practice where a company hires a third party to handle a whole project or a part of the project depending on the user requirement.

Staff Augmentation services by INNOVENTIA

We at INNOVENTIA help you hire the right people for the right job and help you flourish your technical team to achieve maximum success.


Finding the right technology and idea for building a product might be easy, but finding the right person to implement your idea is a tough job. With INNOVENTIA’s Staff Augmentation services, we help you with experienced and qualified resource to handle every aspect of your project.

Staff Augmentation services by INNOVENTIA
  1. Mobile App Development
  2. Ecommerce Development
  3. Web design, UI-UX development
  4. Web Development

Why INNOVENTIA for Staff Augmentation Services?

  1. Cost effective- Hiring a new employee for short term project is not practical. In such case INNOVENTIA’s Staff Augmentation service helps you hire a talent on contract or short term basis and thus saves money.
  2. High Performance and output: As we are hiring an expert for a particular job, the performance would be high and thus delivering high quality product.
  3. It helps meet the project deadline: When an experienced resource is working on a particular project they are able to complete the project with more ease as compared to hiring an employee and training them on the project. Thus INNOVENTIA makes it is easy to meet the project deadline.
  4. More flexibility: With INNOVENTIA’s staff augmentation service you can manage the staff level in an easier way and thus increasing the productivity in your company.