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INNOVENTIA is a leading Outsourced Product development company where our aim is to provide expert resource in order to reduce the go-to market time and cost. We use our in-depth knowledge, experience and digital strategies to help our customers reach success.

Why Outsourced Product Development?

In this competitive field, technology outsourcing has become a need for most companies to stay ahead than others.

Most businesses find it difficult to manage all the internal projects/products and are not able to cope with the latest technologies and thus lag in time to complete the project. Further it may also affect the revenue of the company. All these factors act as a barrier for the growth of the company. To avoid such hurdles in the business most of the companies are outsourcing various resources. Some advantages of outsourced product development are:

  1. It lets you focus more on the core activities.
  2. It reduces risk as a set of specialised team will be handling the particular product
  3. It minimize development cost
  4. It saves your time
  5. Helps you get new Ideas and concepts

Outsource Services provided by INNOVENTIA:

  1. Product Research and Development services: We have an experienced R & D team who provides full or partial product development for the customers to meet their expectations.
  2. Product Enhancement and User experience: To cope with the ever changing technologies, we need to be up to date with the latest features. At INNOVENTIA we help you with additional features for the existing solution and ensure a good user experience.
  3. Product QA/Testing: We provide various types of Manual as well as Automation testing for error free applications.
  4. Scalable and high performance
  5. Product maintenance and support services: We provide Product maintenance services like Bug-fixing, removal of out dated functions, performance improvement and many more.