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The Discount

The Discount is a modern App and Portal where we have brought all the available Discounts closer to you. Who doesn’t like discounts? We all love saving our money. Shopping can be a stress- relief for many. The term “Retail Therapy” is really effective for many. To add on to it imagine availing the best deals and offers near you, wouldn’t it be an icing on the cake?

Shoppers Experience

We believe time is highly important, the same way as we value our hard earned money. The Discount is created keeping these two important factors in mind-TO SAVE TIME and MONEY. We help our shoppers identify the best deals and offers nearby where they can avail maximum discount and also save their valuable time by not hopping from one shop to another exploring the best discount.

Merchants Experience

Our registered merchants are able to provide a unique personal touch to the customer by offering a dedicated customer care representative who would be waiting for the customers at the store, who already knows the customer needs and their sense of taste with the help of THE DISCOUNT APPOINTMENT SYSTEM. Our merchants would get maximum reach with less cost and various modes of advertisement options