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CYBOTICS Awareness Training Program is designed to help your children, family, employees, executives, and IT team identify and reduce cyber risks to self and organization. Through our computer-based training program you will learn about some of the most dangerous Internet threats, such as phishing, ransomware, and social engineering on top of practical tools and tactics to proactively protect against them. This knowledge will decrease the risk of the “insider threat” and high costs associated with incident remediation, and help meet compliance requirements of employee awareness programs. The ultimate goal of the information security process is to protect three unique attributes of information.


Information should only be seen by those persons authorized to see it. Information could be confidential because it is proprietary information or personal information that is created and owned by you or the organization or it may be customers’ personal information that must be kept confidential due to legal responsibilities..


Information must not be corrupted, degraded, or modified. Measures must be taken to protect information from accidental and deliberate change.


Information must be kept available to authorized persons when they need it.